• SoHA New York

    We would love to see you in New York! We will be offering sessions from Wed, Oct 1 to Sun, Oct 5. Contact us to schedule Awareness Training with Apollonia, and Kinesiology & Cards with Dechen.
    Learn more SoHA NY beginning Oct 1»

  • Inner Awareness Course


    The Inner Awareness Course is a wonderful introduction to SoHA and a resource for those learning to walk in life creating the choice of their becoming. All of the courses at SoHA are about coming truly alive in life, and at the deepest levels we teach how consciousness creates reality.
    Learn more about IA beginning Oct 10»

  • Heart Course


    Come learn how to break free of the old ways. You will shed the inner limitation that comes from interpreting your parents' world and how it impacted you.

    Friday: Join us on Nov 21, 7pm - 9pm, for a free introduction and bring your friends!

    Sat & Sun: In the full course, you will experience the family dinner table gestalt. You will see the truth, and the awareness will complete a deep cycle within you, propelling you forward in your life. Learn more about the Heart Course beginning Nov 21»

  • Share What You Love at SoHA

    SoHA Gifting Site

    Give a gift from the heart
    We are grateful for all that we have received from Apollonia and the School of Humanity and Awareness! Now we can invite loved ones to experience the heart openings shared in SoHA Courses and be nurtured by the many resources offered for our growth. And we can request gifts from others that will support our journey in the year ahead.
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